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Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Douglas Kampner's family moved to Hillsborough, California where they lived two houses away from Hollywood icon Bing Crosby. He became a vendor at Candlestick Park selling hot dogs, peanuts, and souvenirs at San Francisco Giant and 49er games to be closer to live sports action.


Throughout these past 30 years, Douglas appeared in many significant projects. He was, for instance, a lifeguard on Baywatch, a student with the crew of Beverly Hills 90210, as well as in the final episode of Cheers. One highlight he achieved was being a cast member of Academy Award-winning film Argo. Douglas had a national commercial with the iconic David O Russell, director of the also Academy Award-winning The Fighter.

Douglas does not follow trends that other Hollywood entertainers are following. He is in a league all by himself.

He has a natural ability for modeling, partly due to the fact that he is quite physically and mentally healthy. He stays on a certain diet and exercises constantly to make sure he is physically fit, and he combines that with meditation and yoga to keep himself grounded. 

He has many additional talents, which include athletics, such as basketball, football, golf, and tennis. One of his other true talents is in the art community. He has developed his artistic ability since childhood to the present, producing paintings that to this day are included in many art galleries in California.

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